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  15 October 2018

Telecoms Jobs

TTR - Flat Fee Recruitment comments & testimonials

" As per our telephone conversation I would like to re-iterate how pleased we were with the 'Flat Fee Recruitment 'service supplied to us by TTR. Of the 5 suitable Telecoms Field Sales candidates sent across we will be making 2 offers and we closely considered offering a third. Of the other two candidates one looked good on paper and we asked to interview but he didn't show and the other wasn't quite what we were looking for. Therefore all in all a good selection of relevant people and it shows the campaign and sifting process works well. Thanks again"

Operations Director - Telecoms Company in Hampshire


"Just a quick email to say we have found our new Field Telecoms Engineer (in Yorkshire) using your new Flat Fee recruitment service. You have been very efficient and understood our spec fully, saving me time and costing me hundreds, rather than the usual thousands of pounds to recruit. I will certainly be using this service again. Thank you."

Director – Essex based Company 


"I would like to thank TTR for successfully identifying an experienced Telecoms/IT Sales professional. He starts with us shortly and we would certainly use this cost-effective Flat Fee Recruitment service for future recruitment projects. I would have no hesitation in recommending TTR and especially the Flat Fee Recruitment service to anyone as it worked so well for us. Great result!"

Sales Manager - East Sussex based Company


"Many thanks TTR for successfully finding us a Panasonic Trained Engineer in the Hants/Dorset area as briefed. This was as a direct result of your Flat Fee Recruitment solution. To be honest, we were a little sceptical to start with but that was soon put to rest after seeing the shortlist of experienced Engineers, in line with our requirements. We are impressed and delighted that having interviewed successfully, I can report that the position has now been filled. We will use this service again for future recruitment and we would recommend TTR's Flat Fee Recruitment solution."

Director - Dorset based Telecoms Company


"Well done TTR and thanks for filling our Electronics Service Engineer vacancy in Lancashire. This was as a direct result of your Flat Fee Recruitment service and all at £895. Initially we were unsure how to fill this vacancy but your experience, knowledge and history gave us the confidence to proceed. We had no need to worry after receipt of the 9 filtered, screened and relevant shortlisted cv's (I liked the relevance and quality of your shortlisted cv's). 1st interviews went well and a candidate who came back for a 2nd interview was subsequently offered and he accepted. We recommend TTR's Flat Fee Recruitment solution to other recruiting companies. We will be using it again to no doubt."

Senior Engineer/Manager - Gloucestershire & Lancashire based Company



We approached TTR to fill our Telecoms Sales role in East Anglia. TTR ran the 28 day managed recruitment campaign for £895 and found us a shortlist of available, relevant telecoms sales professionals in the area. From this shortlist we have identified one candidate we are very interested in and are looking to offer the job to. We are very pleased with the service and would recommend TTR."

Manager - Suffolk based Company



"TTR's Flat Fee Recruitment service at £895 worked really well for our Company when recruiting for B2B Field Sales staff. We received 11 cv's in total and we interviewed a good selection from the pre-screened shortlist. We employed Two excellent Field Sales candidates from our interviews and we will be using the service again in the coming months as we continue to expand."

Sales Manager - West Yorkshire based Company



"TTR's Flat Fee Recruitment service worked very well for our Company. We needed to recruit a Customer Service Co-ordinator for our London office. As I understand it there was a total response of 154 of which we received 4 cv's in total. The screening was excellent, all Four candidates had the right experience on paper, we invited Three in for interview and we had a tough decision to make between Two of the candidates submitted. An offer was made to One of the candidates and he starts with us shortly. We are very pleased with TTR and we would recommend TTR's Flat Fee Recruitment service to any recruiting Company."

Human Resources Manager - London based Company



"It was the first time we had dealt with TTR, they came to see us to learn about our company and vacancy. After the meeting we instructed them to run a "flat fee recruitment campaign" for £895 for our engineer vacancy. They sent us 9 Flat Fee response CV's and from that we offered the job to one candidate and also identified a 2nd candidate who is of interest to us. As promised you filled our vacancy."

Manager - Surrey based Company



" We have successfully recruited via TTR over the years and for our latest vacancy we decided to use their £895 flat fee recruitment service because as like most companies, we try to avoid paying large agency fees if we can.

We instructed TTR to find a short list of Mitel IP 3300 engineers which they promptly did and we successfully filled the position from one of the candidates on the short list. We were impressed with the short list and the service in general".

Technical Director - Buckinghamshire based Company



"Flat Fee Recruitment with TTR worked very well for us! We required a Software Developer, based in Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire area and we chose to use TTR's Flat Fee Recruitment solution at £895 as our prime campaign. We successfully identified and offered the position out to an experienced candidate thanks to TTR and he joins us shortly. We would also recommend TTR to other Companies who are looking to recruit."

Managing Director - Software Development Business - Bedfordshire based.



"I'm really pushing internally to make this our preferred recruitment choice for the future and am singing the advantages at every opportunity. "

HR Manager - City of London based Telecoms Company



"We have been running 4 Flat Fee Recruitment campaigns (all different) simultaneously with TTR and we have so far filled 2 positions.  We also have another excellent Flat Fee candidate coming back for a second interview and we have other applicants also coming in for interview as a direct result of our campaigns. We are really pleased to date and we have saved £thousands and £thousands already."

HR Manager - Lancashire based Telecoms Company



"I was very impressed with what your company has to offer and can assure you that I will use you in January. "

Managing Director - Cheshire Mobile Phone Company



I just wanted to let you know that we have now filled all our 4 positions: x2 Dealer Sales Executives and x2 Area Sales Managers.


3 of the roles have been filled by the Flat Fee candidates from the Four Flat Fee campaigns we ran which is excellent and  thank you very much and the 4th person is someone that used to work for us from a few years ago and they wanted to come back.


HR Manager - Telecoms Company



"Thank you for the 'Customer Service Manager' - London' shortlist".

"Looks like we have at least 4 strong candidates".

HR Manager - Telecoms Company



Many thanks. At first glance these (New Business - Field Sales) look good. Its likely we will interview 1, 2 and 3. I have been in touch with all 3 and arranged interviews for 2 of them next Wed so far. I would also be interested in looking at the other candidates you mentioned next week when you send them across.

Operations Director - Telecoms Company


"The flat fee recruitment service has worked very well for us and TTR did exactly what they said they would do, all for £895.00. Within two weeks of asking TTR to source suitable CV's they provided us with 8-10 to review. We scheduled a couple of days to interview the candidates, followed by 2nd interviews for those suitable to fulfil the role. From there we made an offer to the most suitable candidate and he started with us 6 weeks ago. I have no doubt in recommending the flat fee service to others, and we will definitely us TTR and this service again."

Managing Director - Midlands based Telecoms Reseller Company


"Just a few words about our recent experience with your Flat Fee Service (to recruit an Avaya IP Office Engineer, home based in the M3/M4 area).

The quality of candidates submitted to us was superb, all fitting our requirements well.

We have interviewed and made a selection very quickly and all for £895 saving us over £3,000 on traditional recruitment methods!

I would not hesitate to use the service again or to recommend to anyone, many thanks indeed."

Technical Manager - Devon and South West based Telecoms Reseller Company


"TTR's Flat Fee Recruitment campaign delivered even more than expected for our Telecoms Engineer - Avaya/Panasonic - West Midlands campaign. We received 6 screened and shortlisted candidates, we interviewed 5 and 3 really stood out as excellent candidates. We were so impressed with the quality, we offered and subsequently employed TWO of them. Just brilliant and we will be using the service again and again. Two positions filled for just £895!"

Head of Engineering - Telecoms Reseller in the Midlands


"I thought the idea of the service was brilliant, and the CV's were great quality.

"at the end of the day I got my Job Role filled and filled from TTR so it worked."

Managing Director - Telecoms Distributor



We have had great success with this Telesales campaign having recruited several people from it, we did have one no show, however, we are very pleased with what you did for us.

Director - Telecoms Reseller on the South Coast



We took up your flat fee campaign four weeks ago and within the first few days I received a call from another recruitment company offering me a candidate for 30% of the candidates salary!  This brought home what a potential bargain we had taken out TTR's flat fee recruitment campaign.

After interviewing several candidates from TTR we have now employed a full time salesman for a fraction of the cost that we would have paid from other recruitment specialists.

Thank you very much for the campaign and we look forward to using your services again in the near future.

Sales Director - Cabling Solutions Company in Buckinghamshire



I have reviewed the two latest CV's (Flat Fee Telesales Campaign) you have sent me but last Friday we offered A***** Lewis a position.

As you said, he interviewed extremely well and he seems to fit our requirements perfectly.

We are meeting him again on Wednesday to iron out his package but assuming there are no problems there (I'm not expecting any) he will start with us next Monday 11th July.

We are very happy at this time, I will let you know when he starts.

Many thanks (D***) - MD of Hertfordshire Based Telecoms Reseller

These are just a few examples of the comments that we are receiving for TTR's Flat Fee Recruitment service. We have many other different examples that we can also provide.



Just a little feedback for you, (Flat Fee Telecoms Engineer campaign) - March 2012

We hired D***** H******* (IP Office/HiPath Engineer in North Yorkshire), he started last week and so far all is good - in the end his skill set & location fitted into place a lot better than the other candidates, the late entry was of interest but I had already interviewed D***** at that point and so we stuck with him,

Many thanks, (P***) - MD of Yorkshire Based Telecoms Reseller

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